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What You Need Before Reserving Your Spot and A Few Tips & Suggestions

You will need the following before you reserve your promotional spot.
• Link to your Crowdfunder (even a coming soon link works). You may reserve your spots early but we do not offer refunds.
• 50-word description. You can have less but no more than 50 words. Remember This is your chance to sell them on your project.
• Cover image must be 72 dpi and between 600 and 300 pixels wide. (height doesn’t matter). A standard comic book cover works best.
• Have your special offers and limited rewards ready so we can help you highlight them (see newsletter example below).
• Make sure we have received your payment. No spots are reserved until your payment is received.
• Spots are reserved in the order that they are received.
Plan your first spot on the second day of your Crowdfunder. The reason is that we send our news out at 2:00 pm est. If you launch your Crowdfunder after that time (because many of us launch them during the evening so we can do a live stream). Our news update we’ll reach our audience before your campaign is live and you’ll miss many opportunities on first time sells.
Do not depend on this alone. You’ll still need to spend much time on social media post and other ways to promote your campaign.
For more tips & suggestion see my series of How-To Build A Basic Comic Book Crowdfunding Campaign at the Sketch YouTube Channel.


Robert W Hickey

I need this as much as you…

 You see I’m a comic book creator and publisher, Amazon #1 Best-Selling author, the co-founder of Blue Line Pro, and publisher of Sketch Magazine.

 I became an Amazon #1 Best-Selling author using this method in the book industry. So I decided to create something here for us comic book creators and publishers. Why because it works. No one knew us as novelist in the book market so reserving spots on newsletters that went out to thousands of possible readers got us #1 and we received many reviews.

 Comic Book Crowdfunding News is an opportunity to be seen in front of over 10,000 friendly comic book fans on a daily bases. And, continue to grow your fanbase


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Over 10,000 comic book-friendly fans are waiting to hear about your project and how they can support you now and in future endeavors.

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